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I am back!


So I am starting anew, I’ve shutdown my other blog because I wanted a more “polish” site this time. I am hesitant at first because it’s never easy to start all over again. But I think its necessary cause after all my life is changing, like big time.

How? I no longer party (boo!!!), i no longer drink booze (more boooo!!!!) and I am strongly dedicated to spending time with my growing family (hurrah!). I guess that’s how life is, when you reach a certain age (please don’t ask mine lol) your focal point changes, and for me it’s being a wife and mom.


What’s new pussy cat?

Everything. Scary right? I will be tackling new stuff like journaling, crafts, DIY and parenting stuff. Though I will still be sounding the same, I promise to be more hmm.. “age appropriate” this time. No more rants, no more crazy talk (maybe a little) and more sharing of ideas.

But there’s two things you that will remain, that is (1) all photos will be raw because I for one don’t know and don’t want to use photoshop cause I think it ruins the natural course of the picture. In other words, more crappy pictures by yours truly yay! and (2) should there be an event that I need to do a review, may it be place, food or what, my point blank opinion will still be the same. After all what’s review if it’s all praises? Not that I will be looking for loop holes, but I value honesty more, yàll know what I mean 🙂



I am still organizing my blog schedules like when to post entry for every tab and i think I have to double check if all of them is working properly, cause the last time i tried it I lost my sanity for a couple of days -_-. For now I think we shall all enjoy our week (Monday here in my part of the world) and make it productive. I’ll see you lads and shielas soon!






4 thoughts on “I am back!

  1. Hi sammy babe & ferry! I feel shy to say this, but uhhmm, inspired na din ako sa inyong dalawa. You both know I also love this! Hahahaa. Pardon, newbie pa ko dito, weebly kasi ako from the start 🙂 Try lang! Xoxo ♥


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