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Happy 2016!!

Aloha!! First let me greet you a HAPPY NEW YEAR! Time flies so fast that I barely noticed that 2016 is finally here. I’ve been busy with random things that my hands and mind can get into; one of those things is calligraphy.

Friends let me be clear; I am not artistic in any way. Like if opportunity knocks only once, so does my creativity (lol). I’ve been struggling to “fit in” to the world of heavenly hand writings and miserably failing *sigh*

Nevertheless I do try my hardest and I am not willing to give up. I am planning to attend calligraphy classes BUT knowing that I have an “acquired” (yes not inborn lol) stinginess, I can feel that I will end up watching Youtube videos and practice on my own. Here, here let me show you a sample.


Β Oh by-the-way I am sooooo in-love with Zig Kuratake Brush Pen lately. I’ve been gunning to have that metallic gold but it’s always sold out here.

Okay as a mandatory thing every person does during the first month or so of the year, let me ask you, what’s your new year’s resolution? Or do you even have one? I do. However it’s not that complex like when I was younger. Here let me share mine πŸ™‚

This year I resolve to be:

  1. Happy regardless of the situation I am in. I need to focus on the brighter side more, I am pretty sure everything happens for a reason. I just need to change my focal point.
  2. More patient. (Please pray for me. lol this is next to impossible but I am giving it my all).
  3. Forgiving but never forget anything.
  4. Healthier. Pro-Breastfeeding, eat natural foods, continue to eliminate any food enhancers which I am doing since I was in high school and now I am influencing my family.
  5. Lastly, talk to God more often.

Funny that It took me three days to come up with that five resolution. Looks simple but I can feel it will be a great challenge.


I felt like a traitor for bring my Starbucks Planner 2016 in my favorite coffee shop.

Now that the holiday blues are over and the husband is back to work, I am left with my tradition routine. House chores, looking after our eldest and listing down all the minor and major details for the coming of our second child which is next month!! *throw in confetti here*

Let’s save that topic for next time, I promise I will keep you guys posted. For now it’s ciao and Happy 2016 everyone! Let me leave you with what I’ve said on my Facebook account, “MAY OUR MANTRA THIS 2016 BE, DO NOT BE AFRAID TO GIVE BECAUSE GOD WILL PROVIDE!” πŸ™‚




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