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Meet my planners

I never expected that I will be having and managing two planners; my original one is a Filofax Metropol color red a gift from the husband which I named Red. Obvious much? No. I named it Red after my favorite movie Red (this is getting redundant) where Bruce Willis is such a romantic bad-arse. Andย my second one is a white Starbucks Planner 2016 as a Christmas gift from a friend.

With that being said, I think this year will be a challenging one. Keeping two planners at the same time while juggling being a wife and mom, I am scared hahaha!

zfHere they are. Pretty much? Pardon the shadow, you know me. I like pictures raw.

Today I will show you what’s inside Red and how I do my own inserts. But let me warn you, it’s not that pretty. I am a newbie in doing my own inserts and boy it’s such a struggle, good thing that my husband is the one printing them. Let’s start.


1Yes people my Filofax has a pouch, I don’t like it to have a scratch and definitely don’t want to lose its leather smell *leather smell is love!*

2I don’t have enough time to organize the pockets yet. Since I don’t use sticky notes, I put my sample washi tapes instead. And that another pouch carries my Zig Kuratake Brush Pens and a few stickers.

3Info page. I found this on Pinterest but I tweaked it a bit.

4Got this free 2016 calendar at Wendaful’s blog, thank you so much!

5And as an OC when it comes to monthly expenses, I created my own bill summary for this year. You see? The border touched the ring. *sigh* and I plan to just doodle on that blank space.

6ย Here are my tabs. Family doesn’t have any inserts yet as I am still contemplating on what format will I do.

7I am slowly filling up my first month and I think I still lack some washi tapes and clear stamps *insert innocent smile here*

8Lastly the monthly bills category is the back page of the month and another page is meant for my “dory” moment. I need to constantly remind myself of the important things.

I would love to share my weekly but I haven’t decorated it yet. I have lots of pending items to write and to put in it. It’s chaotic. Nevertheless I will share my weekly inserts by week, first week starts today so I will probably share it on Monday.

I’ll see you then and keep me posted on your inserts; I’d love to see how you do yours. Whether it’s DIY or you just grab it wherever. Ciao bella! *waves goodbye for now*







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