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Awesome Monday!

Call me paranoid but Monday in my life is not a good sign, not a good day, not good at all. Yes ever since I was a little girl I kinda noticed that I am not lucky whenever Monday strikes, but today’s Monday is one of those exceptional Monday in my vocabulary.


To kill time, I did all my errands such as paying the clear stamp my husband gave me (oh yes sire! another one for my collection, because honey you can never get enough!) and I paid my quarterly obligation to my SSS (social security system) so that we can have the reimbursement after I give birth.

It was a total bummer! There was twenty-five people before me in the bank and the tellers are so slow (oh believe me they really are). After that I had to go to SSS, fill up the form, go to another bank only to find out they have a cut-off for paying your contributions which made me snap a tad bit. So there’s nothing I can do but to go to another payment center when there was only three people ahead of me and yet the system is taking too long to process whatever they came for, hence I, once again, had to wait for almost 30 minutes. Mind you it was pass lunch time and the baby is kicking me already. Finally what seems like forty-five years ended and I get to go home.



I don’t know about you but I am having a hard time with this new blog. It’s because of the new wordpress interface, it’s more complicated and it’s making me flip out. It’s been two weeks since I cannot figure out how to add my Instagram account, I don’t know what’s up with that but I raise my white flag already.

To make that worst, i found out that my categories are not working properly. Picture me looking like this…


If it wasn’t for my dearest friend Sam (Hi darl!!!) chairs might be flying here in the house. So she asked me if she can logged in and fix the problem..and guess what?…SHE DID! She even fixed my Instagram problem. What’s taking me a week or so to figure out, she did for only 5 minutes. WHO DOES THAT?!!!!!! Nevertheless it made me feel lucky and relieved.

765.gifoh happiness!!!


Then just when I thought that happiness ends there, it didn’t. I was chatting with my husband when he told me that his boss had a gift for me. And can you guess what the gift is?..drum rolls please….ANOTHER PLANNER!!!!! Starbucks planner 2016 and this time its color green!!

starbucks_planner_2016_green_ferrywritesPardon the picture I just saved it from our Facebook chat.

I cannot contain my happiness and was going gaga over it. The fact that now I have three planners scares me a whole lot! haha! To be honest I am having a hard time keeping two, but a gift is a gift and I shall use it *evil grin* I am thinking of using this as my financial planner or family planner? what do you think?

With all of that being said, I am glad that my Monday is nearly ending and my fingers are still crossed that it will end well. How’s your Monday loves? πŸ™‚





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