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My favorite planner accessory

I’ve been journaling and crafting since I was seven years old, I got my very first crafting box as a gift and the rest is history. When I was in elementary I only know how to do my diary and a scrap book full of memories, no planners yet. But when I got into college, my university provides us this yearly planner and from there my addiction to organizing stuff begun.

Fast forward to now I have three planners: Filofax Metrolpol for my daily tasks, Starbucks planner in white for my rumblings and another Starbucks planner in green for me to keep track of our financial. I keep my planners interesting and “eye-candy” using my favorite planner accessory–clear stamps.

It’s the newest craze in crafting and it makes it more fun to do your scrap booking and journaling. There are lots of clear stamps in the market but mind you majority is expensive as I have learned that it is not easy to make them. So what I do is pre-order them and have them layaway, clever right?

Let me share my growing clear stamp family…

clear_stamps_ferrywritestada!!!!! *insert dreamy eyes here*

So far that is my collection, I started with cheaper ones that I found in the mall and the next thing I knew, they are growing fast. My favorite brand is definitely Studio L2e, it has a different feel which I truly Β like plus I am going gaga over their designs because It’s not too fancy, it’s more of sophisticated πŸ™‚

kkrafter_ph_ferrywritesThis came in the mail today! happy-happy joy-joy!

My favorite Instagram shop for clear stamps is no other than kkrafter_ph. She offers pre-order items and not to mention a super smooth transaction every time!

sweet_stamp_shop_ferrywritesThe latest addition to my collection. And I got me a VersaMagic Dew Drop by Tsukeniko (about time!)

I am in awe when I found this Sweet Stamp Shop clear stamp. I mean it soothes me! Come on look at it! I am a SATM (stay-at-home-mom) and my planner task has to-do, cleaning, laundry and all. Now I don’t have to write it because I will just stamp it! (wow that rhymes lol!) And of course let’s not forget the VersaMagic Dew DropΒ which is so amazing. It has a chalk like finish and it doesn’t bleed when you stamp it.

So far that’s my favorite planner accessory and I cannot make any promises when to stop (Hi hubby if you’re reading this, I’m sorry hihi). Why? Because here’s one of the reason in investing into crafting and I think in all stuff in general, you can sell them if you want to, if get bored with them or whatever the reason! Just make sure that though It is used it is definitely not abused, a shorted word for it would be well-loved.

It’s Friday here in my part of the world and I cannot wait for the weekend as it will be my 35th pregnancy check-up tomorrow. Now loves what’s your favorite planner accessory?




12 thoughts on “My favorite planner accessory

    1. Hi!! πŸ™‚ stamp is okay..more ink than memento..however i have to warn stains hard on your stamp, like a wet one’s not enough to remove the mark. You need to brush it and air dry.


      1. Ohhhh good to know!!! Omg thanks for letting me know. Sounds like a lot of work. Hmmmm. I wonder if I should continue with the memento then. Brush and air dry sound pretty time consuming. I’m so used to just the wet wipes. Lol!


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