Sarsa Kitchen + Bar

Our weekend restaurant pick for this month is Sarsa in SM Mall of Asia (MOA), it was our first time to eat here and gladly we are not disappointed. I read good reviews about their food so the only thing to do is to try it for ourselves.

The place is pretty spacious, from the entrance to the far end of the room. I mean it was a breath of fresh air to be exact, it’s not your typical restaurant where when you have to leave, the other table needs to move so that you can pass by and it’s not. There is enough space for the staff to walk in whether they are carrying your food or not and that is one thing I like about the place.

Sarsa_Moa_ferrywritesAisle going to the entrance

Sarsa_Moa_3_ferrywritesWhere they dispatch the food

Sarsa_Moa_bar_ferrywritesThe bar

Sarsa_Moa__2_ferrywritesAnd the rest of the tables, it’s jam-packed with people but you will hardly notice it.

Sarsa_Menu_ferrywritesSarsa Kitchen + Bar, Moa Menu

Sarsa_Menu_Page_2_ferrywritesSecond page of their menu

We ordered their isaw, pancit molo soup, their famous sizzling kansi, thin-cut liempo, mango melon and buko guyabano shake.

Sarsa_isaw_ferrywritesIsaw (Chicken intestine) – Three pieces for Php 185.00

Β Sarsa_molo_sou_ferrywritesΒ Pancit Molo Soup – Php 275.00

Sarsa_sizzling_kansi_ferrywritesThe star of the show!! Sizzling Kansi (Sizzling Bulalo) – Php 395.00

Sarsa_thin_cut_liempo_ferrywritesThin-Cut Liempo – Php 285

I forgot to take a picture of the shakes; they were so delish that we dig in right away (sorry). Okay about the food, it was so amazing! It was flavorful and worth your money, well except for the Isaw, three pieces for Php 185 is too much, but if you are going to base it on taste, definitely worth it.

One comment on their Sizzling Kansi though, it doesn’t have enough sauce in my opinion, but the taste once again is superb, you don’t have to put anything on it to make it taste better, that’s how good it is.

As for the Pancit Molo Soup and Thin-Cut Liempo they are savory. Our baby girl is a soup fanatic and I must say she really loves the soup. I like the sauce for the liempo, the dark one has native coffee and itΒ is not that sweet or salty, very surprising, it’s my first time to try a dipping sauce like that. While the white one burong suka (preserve vinegar) is not that runny and not too vinegary for my palate.

Lastly they have 9% service charge (8.9% if you want to be exact) on top of your total bill. Is it worth it? YES. Why? Because the service was great, we did not wait that long for our food, the staff is very accommodating not to mention (again) the ambiance is very cozy.

So If ever you are going to drop by at SM MOA I suggest you try Sarsa Kitchen + Bar owned by Chef Jayp by-the-way, maybe you’ll have a great experience like ours πŸ™‚




3 thoughts on “Sarsa Kitchen + Bar

    1. all thanks to you for sharing the secret LOL! maybe we can eat here some other time? πŸ™‚ OH and!!! maybe we shall have our monthly restaurant pick as our friendshipgoal..whatcha think??


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