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Filofax Metropol: Week 5 and 6 of 2016

Finally I get to share my two spread for the month of February; I know it’s late but you know what they say, better late than never eh? 🙂 Anyway since I am doing my own insert, I get to experiment on what to use and what not. So for this month, I’ve decided to use the original layout for filofax.

Here’s what my 5th week looks like:

Filofax_metropol_week5_ferrywritesPerks of doing your own can change whenever 🙂

Going subtle is easy but the contentment is hard to find (lol), I felt that it lacks something, i don’t know but It feels like it’s too simple? Anyhow glad that I managed to pull it off.

And my 6th week be like…

Filofax_metropol_week6_ferrywritesPure coffee fun! Gawd how I miss you so much caffeine! *heart heart*

Clearly I need something to brighten up my pictures, something that will fit or add color or life whatever you call it because my week 6 photo looks sad. Do I need a plant? Like a succulent or something like baby’s breath? But that will be too costly because I need to buy that each time I’ll take a photo.

Setting that concern aside, I don’t think I am loving the filofax layout that much now that I have used the vertical one, the happy planner layout. I think that one is more fun and creative, so I might be switching back to it on March, I’ll keep you posted.

That’s it for now, gotta take care of the bubba and I need some sleeping to do. I am knackered everyday. I’ll catch up with you loves again, ciao bellas!




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