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Important update: I own a Happy Planner now!!!

Hi dolls! after a month of missing in action and establishing my new routine (both crafting and being a mom) I am finally back (again) and what a good way to start the ball rolling by announcing that I am a Happy Planner a.k.a Mambi owner now!

It was a gift from my husband (who else?!!) last February 29, when I say gift, it goes “Can I have a new *insert crafting stuff here* please?” LOL!!! I was kidding him that this is my “push gift” LOL. You know how celebrities give jewelries and all as a push gift to their wife, well as a planner girl, this is the perfect gift. *wink*

Okay details, I got mine from SaffytentenΒ and it was a very smooth transaction, coordinates my orders day one, paid it on the same day and got it the next day, no kidding! That fast :). I chose the one that says Good things are going to happen because I was still in my PPD stage and I needed more positive vibes in any way I can get it. That’s the main reason and the other one is I love love love how the inside looks! It’s more of a journal than a planner.


Confession time. I didn’t think that when it says 18 months, it begins in July, so to cut the story short, I have tons of extra pages that is dated last year, and I still don’t know what will I do with it, no fuss I’m still happy with my mambi :).

happy_planner_March_currently_ferrywritesNo adulting here! It’s fun when you kid around.

Now for the oh-so-good part, sharing how I plan with my mambi! There’s two highlights of this post, (1) my mambi, we already know that and (2) my surprisingly progress in flat laying. Are you ready kids?!!!! Let’s start with my week 9, I have no theme here, I was still testing the water. To be honest I got confused and somehow worried that I have so many boxes to fill, but after my first week, I got addicted to decorating each spread.

happy_planner_week_9_ferrywritesRealization: I need more stickers.

…and here is my week 10

happy_planner_week_10_ferrywritesProgress much! πŸ™‚ And I love how I edit pictures now, it’s brighter.

..let’s go to my week 11

happy_planner_week_11_mint_theme_ferrywritesThis is my favorite spread so far, it’s my take on St. Patrick’s Day and I am not a fan of green, so I used the next best shade..MINT!!! Mint is love!!

…week 12 for was

happy_planner_week_12_orange_theme_ferrywritesOrange theme. My least favorite color but I am glad I pulled it off.

And last but not the least my last week of March, week 13

happy_planner_week_13_yellow_theme_ferrywritesProbably my second best spread so far, I love bright colors and it makes me feel happy πŸ™‚

Here are the things that I used to decorate my mambi:

Stamps: Studio L2e, Mommy lhey, Heidi Swapp, Rosie’s (a local brand)

Stickers: Pinterest and Rosie’s

Inks: Versamagic Dewdrop Chalk and Memento Inks

That’s my March spreads; it was fun and addicting to have a Happy Planner. I am a ring binder type of girl but when I first saw this type of planner, I was like love at first stamp! I’ll leave you with this for now dolls, I’ll be around now, let’s keep in touch! *hugs*

PS: pardon my photo signature; I didn’t realize it would be that big! I’ll work on that on my next post.





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