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Planner spread week 15: Introducing Lemon Paper Co.


I’ve been blogging since 2010, my blog site–before I shut it down complete last year–was compose of my daily rants, happiness, adventures, reviews and promoting products. It’s basically a virtual diary that tackles anything under the sun.

Speaking of promoting products, it’s been my mantra to only “endorse” (feeling celebrity much ferry?) the things that I like and use. I only do write-up of the stuff that I believe my readers and friends will love too, may it be paid article or by free will (mostly free will). The very first brand that I’ve written about was Papelito way back in 2012 and up to now I still use the product and glad to say I’ve establish good friendship with the owner (Hi Meeyah!).


With that being said, here I am again boosting up another brand that truly captured my planning heart–Lemon Paper Co.  I first heard about it in my facebook group, I was not into stickers then so I just scrolled away whenever I see a post regarding it. Then came last week when I finally decided to get my own lemon paper stickers and I am so glad I did.

I am very picky when it comes to my planning stuff; probably the most vital of them all is the paper quality. You know how an ink can smudge when you use a glossy sticker paper? That you have to wait a minute or so for it to dry up and continue with your writing? Well Lemon Paper Co.’s glossy sticker paper doesn’t do that!

Must have been my pen quality? Nope. I tell you it’s the paper. I’ve tried various glossy ones and by far Lemon’s stands out, I don’t have to pause for the ink to dry up then write again (mind you I’m a lefty..ha! Now you know why I tackle ink smudging).

Good_vibes_kit_lemonpaperco_ferrywritesGood Vibes Kit in glossy paper. Pardon the shadow -_- I took the photo inside the house.

Full_bloom_kit_lemonpaperco_ferrywritesFull Bloom Kit in matte paper.

lemon_paper_co_stickers_ferrywritesMy personal favorite, the watercolor crystals (upper right side) that came in matte paper along with the three freebies woo hoo!! (Thanks Jessica!)

Being a laid back kind of gal, I love soft tone colors like pastel and such, I tend to stay away from the screaming ones but that’s another thing to love about Lemon Paper Co., even though the color that they uses are bright, it compliments their quirky design hence I love loud colors now.

The two kits that I ordered is made for Erin Condren–which I don’t have–so I used it to decorate red’s last week and the result was so pretty! I used the full bloom kit for my week 15, here it is…


The kit was perfect for my No Stamp Week Challenge, I was worried that it won’t turn out great since I am used to using stamps in my spreads but look at the beauty, simple and such a cutie. Hurrah for color pink!

Jessica Qiu is the owner of Lemon Paper Co. if you are interested to have your own lemon mail or inquire about the price you can shoot her a message in any of her social media account or choose from her collection in the following:

Esty Shop:




Also, allow me to share with you my happy planner spread last week. My theme was black and white where I had a hard time decorating because I think that I chose a wrong color lol. Why was it hard? Because of the fact that I needed to stick to just two main colors. Never again black and white, never again.


The highlight of my week? Without a doubt April 11, because I get to finish my Korean Drama marathon–Oh My Venus. So Ji-Sub is so gorgeous! Anyhow I’m wondering if I’m going to stick to a themed spread or just go with “whatever color I want” design. I’ll keep you dolls in the loop, ’til my next post, ciao bellas!




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