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Your Ultimate Guide to Lasting Impression

The first time I set my foot in Lasting Impression, I knew it will not be the last; it is a small yet compact crafting heaven for crafter nerds. It’s like a candy store but nothing is edible, like a toy store but for planner addicts like me.

The place is pretty well-known if you are into this stuff, but like majority of us  who struggled at first in locating this hidden jewel in the metro, the only chance you’ll be getting is ordering from them online, hence this blog is created to be your guide to pure crafting bliss.

I remember how I felt when I first entered their shop, my heart was pounding and I had this enormous smile on my face  and when my husband asked me if I got to the place safely, my reply was not in connection with it, it goes “OMG! I am dying in happiness here!” well I guess he got the point.

I felt like I was in a war, I am so scared; scared for my wallet because I know it will bleed LOL!! But honestly, it is so worth it because all the stuff there came from abroad, so it’s totally understandable. Before I begin “guiding” you I think it is essential to know how Lasting Impression came about, I’ll sum it up for you in one paragraph because really the reason is very simple, yet this simplicity was turned into something magical.

It was 2004 when the owner—Vivian Uy—realized that there were no shops in the country to help her organized his son’s photos in an album. As a blue blooded scrapbooking woman, she thought that it would be unique to design photo albums, put captions and decorations rather than just placing the pictures in plain memory book.

That’s it. Point blank. Easy to remember. Oh! Bonus info: The place is not only known for supplying scrapbooking and crafting needs, they also do workshops *insert bigger smile here*.

Okay let me be your virtual “tour guide” now, let’s start with the location. Lasting Impression is located at 216-A V. Ibanez Street, Brgy Little Baguio, San Juan City, It’s the fourth street coming from Gloria Maris Wilson St., it’s on the RIGHT SIDE, when you go to google map it will show that it’s beside Sky Cable—IT’S NOT. Sky cable is on the left side and Lasting Impression is on the right. It’s the house with brown gate in front of an ongoing construction of some sort, I think it’s a condominium, not really sure.


Lasting_Impression_san_juan_ferrywritesThis is Lasting Impression. It’s camouflaging from us crafters LOL.

You need to ring the doorbell on the right side that says letter A. Press it once and wait for a staff to come and open the gate and he/she will guide you inside. Upon entering the shop, some of their Mambi, Carpe Diem, Filofax, some card stock and some stickers will greet you (don’t forget to smile, I know you will).


Lasting_Impression_entrance_2_ferrywritesSome of their Mambi products are here.

Lasting_Impression_sale_ferrywritesThese items are on 20% off until (wait for it..) supplies last!!!!

Lasting_Impression_planner_ferrywritesWebster Planners if I am not mistaken but it’s not on sale 😦

Lasting_Impression_planners_ferrywritesThe rest of the planners and other things too.

After which you will go upstairs where the rest of the stuff is..I warn you, one hour is not enough to scout the place. Indulge in some of the photos that I took for your reference.

Lasting_Impression_heidi_swapp_ferrywritesHeidi Swapp corner


Lasting_Impression_red_tag_area_ferrywritesTheir red tag area, from card stocks to embellishment for your scrapbook.


Lasting_Impression_shop_inside_ferrywritesThis is how the place is set up. It’s like a maze, where I don’t mind if I get lost in it, just saying.

Lasting_Impression_craft_room_ferrywritesI believe this is the crafting room where they held seminars and other activities, but you’ll find a new product inside. Talking about maximizing the space huh? 🙂

Lasting_Impression_new_items_ferrywritesThis is what I’m talking about 🙂 Some of the new Mambi stuff is on the other side too.

And this are the other stuff they have, from Amy Tangerine to Project Life, rub on stickers to mod podge, album sleeves and silhouette cameo’s accessories just to name a few from the photos above.

Now let’s be more specific, starting off with one of the reasons why I love the place..INKS! 🙂 Oh yes I love a good ink, the one that doesn’t bleed and dries fast and it’s one of my favorite planner accessories.

Lasting_Impression_inks_ferrywrites*Insert heavenly sound here* Nirvana isn’t it?!!

Versamagic Dewdrop and Versa Color

Memento ink pad and memento dewdrop

Archival and Stazon inks

Lasting_Impression_ink_refill_ferrywritesThey even have ink refill 🙂

Next is my second favorite planner accessory..clear stamp! They have a huge collection of clear stamps, and when I say huge it means quantity and I literally saw a clear stamp collection bigger than the size of a long bond paper.

Lasting_Impression_clear_stamps_ferrywritesThe ones that we know now are placed on a small basket, maybe because they are still trying to figure out where to place new items. Nevertheless as long as the condition is good and it’s well taken care of, why care where it’s placed right?

Lasting_Impression_clear_tamps_2_ferrywritesHeidi Swapp stamp..peek-a-boo I see you!

Lasting_Impression_penny_black_clear_stamps_ferrywritesThey even have stamps that I don’t know about lol.



Let’s go to card stocks…

You can buy a card stock per piece here.

Lasting_Impression_card_stock_sample_ferrywritesSample Card Stock

Lasting_Impression_translucent_card_stock_ferrywritesThey even have a translucent one!

Lasting_Impression_mini_card_stocks_ferrywrites6 x 6 card stock from Kaiser Craft, Amy Tangerine, Snap etc.

I just noticed something; they are not big on washi tapes. There are washi tapes along with Heidi Swapp area but you have to ask for it or really go through the place. Nonetheless these washi tapes that I photographed are the visible ones.




 Aside from the card stock which is one of their biggest collection, they are also big on embossing powders. This caught my attention the second time I visited the shop, it got me curious on how to use it. So when I got home, I googled it, watched tutorials on Youtube and I am now ready to explore the world of embossing.

Lasting_Impression_distress_embossing_powder_ferrywritesWill definitely try this one next time. The colors are so inviting!



I am so glad that they have punchers too! I always look for a puncher online and what stressed me out is the shipping fee. Now I don’t have to deal with that *heart heart*

Ek Tools punchers. This 2 pieces small punchers cost around Php 520 if my memory serves me right.

You can easily spot a Fiskars punchers due to it’s trade mark, the bright orange packaging.

Lasting_Impression_martha_stewart_puncher_ferrywritesAnd of course, Martha  Stewart punchers.

Last but not the least, pens, but they are not also big with it. The largest collection they have is Faber-Castell.

And that my friend is the end of our virtual tour. By the way they also have Silhouette Cameo both version 1 and 2 and they are selling it at around Php 15,000 to 16,000 which I think is a total score.

Now that you are equip on how to go there and how does it looks like inside and what are the things they are selling, it’s time to go doll! They are open Mondays to Saturdays 8:30 am to 6:30 pm. If you are still looking for more information you can go to their website here or go to their Facebook account and Instagram, or if you really want a fast response you can reach the owner Ms. Vivian Uy at (0917) 8114865. By-the-way don’t forget to like their page and follow them as well.

Please allow me to end this article by thanking Lasting Impression for existing, now I don’t have to deal with international shipping fee that cost more than the price of the items I want and I don’t need to worry how much the customs will tax me whenever I have a package. This shop makes my crafting life easy breezy.





9 thoughts on “Your Ultimate Guide to Lasting Impression

  1. Hi Sis! I’ve been there last week. at maligaw ligaw ako. haha. first time ko kasi sa San Juan. Thanks to Ms. Vivian Uy who guided me to her store. She’s very accomodating kahit wala sya sa shop.:) Pati ang mga staff nya. Thanks to your blog, nareminisce ko yung time na napunta ako sa store na yun.<3

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi sis! naku nahuli pala ang blog ko sa pagpunta mo haha! nakakalito kasi ang san juan sa totoo lang pero buti na lang may waze hehe and true super accommodating ng mga tao mula sa owner hangang sa staff, super hands down ako, very knowledgeable pa sa binebenta nila.


      1. Updated na kaya si Waze sa real location ng store? Baka ilagay padin ako dun sa Sky Cable hehehe 😀 but because of your map, siguro iisaisahin ko ang mga bahay dun, basta yellow and brown gate. wahaha


  2. Thank you so much for this guide. Been really planning to go here but having searched Google maps, I always end up hesitant because of the Sky Cable photo 😊👍🏻 Great help 😊


    1. Thanks for reading Leiza! I am glad my article helped you. And you know what I was there last week and they are expanding! Be sure to go to the first room (after you enter the gate) that’s where they placed their other items *wink*


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