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Funsplosion Giveaway: Status received!

Remember my blog where I won Lauren’s giveaway? Well, after almost a month of waiting, I finally received it! Hurrah!!! Last week was a total whirlwind, my daughter got sick that we needed to admit her to the hospital for four days, but don’t worry we got home last night and she’s doing much better now.

Going back, It was Thursday when I saw our mail clamped on our gate. Yes friends, the mail man here is so stubborn that he / she doesn’t even bother calling the recipient’s name hence the mail will just be clamped onto your gate, regardless if it’s raining or not. WHAT.A.JOY.

Sidetracked! sorry..So yes I was surprised and so happy when I received the post office’s notice that I have a package. But since we were on our way to the hospital then, I got my package the next day. You know my rule, family comes first.

Post_office_makati_mail_ferrywritesThat’s what the package notice card looks like. See it says there (on the upper right corner) post mark of April 18, 2016 and yet I received–well more of I saw–that card last Thursday only, April 28, 2016.

The next day, my adventure at the post office begins. I left the hospital at around 8:30 in the morning and gladly there wasn’t too much traffic knowing that it was Friday. So I got to the place in around 30 minutes or so and happy to found out that there was not a lot of people claiming their package, I was third in line.

makati _post_office_package_counter_ferrywritesThis is window 1, where you need to give your card and they will ask you to sit down first and wait for your name to be called.

post_office_makati_customs_ferrywritesAnd when my name was called..My eyes were thoroughly looking at that room. Trying to look for my precious while my mind kept on saying “Hello Kitty duct tape..hello kitty duct tape!”

post_office_makati_claiming_counter_ferrywritesWhen they finally get your package, they will tell you that it is mandatory to open your package for assessment. TAX ASSESSMENT that is. They are the only one authorized to open the package.

After my package was “assessed” they asked me how much do the items cost, I told them I didn’t know because I won it from a giveaway. Then they told me that they are just going to tax the camera.

So they taxed me for…drum rolls please…Php 945.00 or $ 20.11. I have to say I was kinda happy because I was expecting a bit more, like thousands, but the giveaway Gods was on my side woo hoo!

After I paid, they sealed the box in front of me and asked me to get to the other side a.k.a releasing counter because I needed to sign documents or something.

customs_makati_post_office_ferrywritesTricky. They didn’t tell me that before I finally get my hands on my precious, I NEEDED to pay that Php 112 ($2.38) whatever indicated on the postal card. So in total, I paid Php 1,057 or $22.49.

Finally, TIME TO GO HOME! I had to hurry home because (1) my baby girl was still in the hospital and (2) I was dying with excitement to see what’s inside.

letters_and_lettering_funplusion_ferrywrites*Insert golum’s voice* My..preeeeee-ciousss…

funplosion_giveaway_ferrywritesHappy happy joy joy! I have my own Instax camera now 🙂

instax_mini_8_ferrywritesSo excited to use those clear stamps!

heidi_swapp_stickers_ferrywritesLots of Heidi Swapp stickers and a Mambi one too!! *faints*

funplusion_giveaway_ferrywritesMore stickers! heart heart 🙂

stickers_ferrywritesLastly, my very own recollection washi tapes and a lot more!

Fun fact: When I joined Lauren’s funplosion giveaway, I was gunning for the washi tapes, my heart was on those because we don’t have recollection washi tapes here. Either you have to order it online which will cost you double because of the tax or you need to scout for someone who does pre-order for washi tapes.

A sudden change of heart when I got my hands on the camera, it was amazing! I still love the washi don’t get me wrong but I remember being envious of my classmates or friends who had polaroid cameras before, and now look I finally have my own; it just took 19 years for me to have it lol, still grateful! Very grateful.

Now I have been inhibiting myself from my planners and craft for five days and I think it’s time for me to get things done. I miss my planners, terribly. I shall see you again loves, in my next blog. Ciao bellas!

letters_and_lettering_giveaway_ferrywritesP.S.: A million thanks again Lauren, I really love everything and I cannot wait to use them. 🙂




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