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What’s in store for Ferry Writes


Good morning from me and my awesome coffee mug! Whether you are on CST, PST or whatever timezone you have, it’s always a good morning to me. Anyway, I have been staying up late for the past five days because of the things that linger in my head.

I’ve given it a deep thought that I will upgrade Ferry Writes into something risky and will be beneficial to my family. The gravity of it is too much that I had to share it with you loves, It’s slowly happening and to be honest, I am kind of scared, just a tad bit.

Making it official. 

I have my consultant when it comes to my blog, she’s been with me since my very first site and I am glad that she shares (almost) everything she knows about blogging; because I felt I got rusty when I hindered a few years back.

So she told me that I have to change my blog site to .com, not only this will attract possible sponsors but people will also see that I am serious about this. So what’s stopping me from upgrading? CONSISTENCY.

I am still in doubt about the time I have, I know the consequences of upgrading my site, I’ve done it before and it will eat a whole lot of time. I have to aggressively post every day, take pictures that matters and create topics that will tickle your fancy. Time is of the essence.

I’d give me a good one month to settle and I might be upgrading. I have to, I’ve thought about this, because if not, it will affect the plans that I have for Ferry Writes.

Business 101. 

Yes, you read that right, I am planning to build my own business. Craft and planners related, of course, that is why it’s been almost three days of squeezing my brain to come up with a good name.

I already have an order as to which will come first; stickers, my own line of planner and clear stamp. Ambitious? YES, siree. A girl can dream you know, but most importantly A GIRL CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN.

I’ve already spoken with someone who can make my logo, a friend is willing to be my graphic designer, my husband to be my financier (HAHA! I’m so sorry love I have to say it here) and my college BFF is my consultant / marketing / ultimate guide to success.

I think I have an awesome team, for now, all I need is to get the ball rolling.

What for?. 

Good question. I am doing this for my kids; I don’t want them to grow up be a corporation slave for the rest of their lives. I am thinking ahead, I am honing their future, so if something unexpected happens, I will leave them with something grand. That’s the main reason and I don’t think there’s anything else.

Okay, time is up for me, it’s almost eleven-thirty in the morning and I have to pick up my daughter in school. I’ll keep you dolls posted in this matter; it will fun because I can sense that I will be sharing with you, my ups and downs about this and together we can see the outcome. I’m excited, are you?. 🙂







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