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Saying goodbye to awesome April!

I have to say last month was totally awesome! Let’s do some recap of what happened to my April shall we?

  1. April 4 – I won Lauren’s giveaway that it unlocked an achievement in my bucket list.
  2. April 9 – Wheninmanila included me in their list of Filipino Planner Addicts to follow on Instagram.
  3. April 17 – My husband bought me my new coffee mug from Typo. YES, it’s a celebration, after all, it involves coffee.
  4. April 23 – The Happy Planner picked my photo entry for their Feature Friyay!


5. April 26 – After four years, I’ve reached hundreds of views again in blogging. (FYI: I’ve shut down my previous blog named ferrywinkle24. I created it way back in 2010 and finally shut it down last year because It was a virtual diary and I wanted to change my blogging peg.) Lastly,

6. April 29 – I finally received my funplosion giveaway.

You see even though the last three days of my April was a bummer due to the hospitalization of my daughter, it is pretty much obvious that the blessings I received are way bigger than that. After all, my daughter is safe now and that’s another thing to be thankful for.

Now sharing with you dolls my last spread for April. 🙂

filofax_metropol_week_17_ferrywrites.jpegFinally got my hands on those Dear Lizzy clear stamps.

This is my first time to use my name clip that I got from Kraftrina and I am still adjusting to it because it has glitters and it reacts to the light so much, nevertheless, I love it with a heartbeat. Less photo editing for me whereas I need to put my name in every picture that I capture.

happy_planner_good_things_are_going_to_happen_week_17_ferrywrites.jpegLighting failed to the nth power!

Say hi to my Happy Planner, where I was gunning for all gold but ended up with yellow. I can totally see clearly my name clip but the thing is, the lighting sucks, big time. I took this photo inside the house and used my brother’s table lamp, he also helped me adjusting the light but I ended up with this.

I think the aura of the picture is tolerable it’s just me who is reacting too much about it. Perfectionist much? Maybe. Well, that’s all I got to share with my April, it’s mainly full of wonderful memories with a hint of heartache, just a tad bit. Overall it was marvelous. Thank you, Universe for the wonderful month!

How was your April loves?

PS: I get to change my blog site theme and header in this month too!




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