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DIY planner insert

Hi, loves! Sorry for being MIA for three days or so, been busy with the long weekend and I totally enjoyed it. Anyhow between the election here and the staycation that we had, I still manage to craft, which is a good thing, because a true planner girl will always have time for it tee hee!

So what kept me busy was making my own insert for my Family section for my Filofax–Red. It’s been empty since the day I got red, I don’t know what to put but I don’t like to throw away the idea of having a Family tab. It was a good thing my daughter is going to school now because finally that section will be filled.

I used my blank insert and just put washi tape to divide the days. Yes, you read that right, I didn’t print it this time. It was nerve wracking knowing the OC in me when it comes to crafting, I want to be simple yet functional and cute at the same time. Like when I share it and people look at it, they will recognize that It’s my weekly spread for my daughter, not mine.


I used Studio G clear stamp for marking the days; I have to say I am starting to like this stamp because it’s not too small. Also, I am starting to love memento ink over versamagic because it doesn’t stain that much on my clear stamps.

I didn’t use any stickers, I stayed in my circle, I just use stamps. I used my Studio L2e, Love Cynthia, and Mommy Lhey stamps.

washi_tape_decoration_personal_insert_ferrywritesLoving Love Cynthia’s stamp especially when you color it!

A few this and that and viola! I’m done. It had me thinking that It’s more kawaii than my regular spread LOL! I didn’t bother to put Saturday and Sunday coz really, no school. The extra space will just be for notes and an excuse for using my stamps more!

love_cynthia_personal_insert_ferrywritesCloser look 🙂

I am always hesitant when it comes to decorating my spreads, I feel that I am not creative enough. I am like those plan-with-me-girls you see on Youtube but times like this, I give myself a pat on the head for doing so well because I achieved what I am gunning for.

Now I am thinking about how my daughter will contribute to this spread, after all, it’s all about her. I mean shall I allow her to decorate the extra box? Or just let her jot away whatever she likes even though she doesn’t know how to write yet? (oh dear that’s a bad idea) What do you think dolls? Help me up, comment or private message me, I will appreciate it 🙂

Happy Weekend loves!


A big shout out to those who keeps on emailing me and private messaging me on Instagram asking planner related questions and all, I love you and I am so happy that I am able to help you dolls 🙂




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