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Clear Stamp Haul

Hi, I’m Ferry *insert people here saying hi Ferry* and I am a clear stamp addict, thank you.

I started out with just two clear stamps that I got from a mall here, it was a total score because I got it for Php 49.00 with a 10% discount *heavenly sound* I don’t have an acrylic block then, I used the casing of my power bank, but that was 26 weeks ago, now I have 41 excluding the 11 that’s on their way (hi hubby..ahmm..yeah. Hi. LOL).

Okay, this time, I am a bit experimental, I am trying out new brands of clear stamps, coz I am a Studio L2e and Mommy Lhey kind of girl, looking if it’s worth buying more stamps from them.

And here are the new stamps that I got..


Studio G stamps – The polymer used is thick. So far this impresses me the most, plus I only got them for Php 99.00 ($ 2.00) each excluding the shipping fee of course.


Penny Black – THICKEST clear stamp ever. THICKEST. It’s pretty big too, it eats up two boxes on my Happy Planner except the girl inside the box stamp on the lower right side, it fits in one box but a tad bit tall.


Amy Tangerine and Dear Lizzy – Both are made from soft polymer material, it wobbles, but aside from that, it’s all good.


Hero Arts – Same thickness as Mommy Lhey’s and Studio L2e’s. Haven’t tried it yet. I got this from Lauren’s funplosion.


The Daily Grind – Haven’t used this either, the polymer used is just like Studio L2e’s as well but the cut is uneven.


And last but not the least…

Love Cynthia – This stamps arrived in the middle of my blogging, I was so glad my long wait is finally over. The stamp on the upper left side is pre-loved, I got it from my Facebook group, and I used it already and I am loving it! The rest is brand new, the polymer used is just the same as Mommy Lhey’sΒ and it fits perfectly in Happy Planner boxes. I can tell that I will have loads of Love Cynthia stamps soon, for now, I will enjoy what I got.

Happy day today indeed! Sending you dolls lots of love and virtual hugs!





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