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Week 18 and 19 on my planners

I thought I already shared my week 18, turned out I didn’t -_- hence here I am rushing to edit photos and revising my prepared post so I can include it.

Starting off with week 18 on red, it was a cactus love affair! I’ve always wanted to have a cactus / cacti spread, so what I get the chance to do so, I grabbed it, I grabbed it hard *cuckoo eyes here*

filofax_metropol_red_week_18_cactus_spread_ferrywritesI’m thinking of changing my signature plant to a cactus, what do you think?

Realization: I need to find a cactus washi tape! ASAP! oh boy, I bet it would look so gorgeous on this spread. Too bad this week is over but this won’t let me hinder from having another spread like this *evil smile here*

Then there’s my Happy Planner, where I went full throttle on stickers. I used Lemon Paper Co.’s Shine Bright Kit, it was overwhelming but to be honest I loved the outcome, but I don’t think I will go for a full spread sticker again. Too much for me, for I am more of a stamping kind of girl.

the_happy_planner_good_things_are_going_to_happen_week_18_ferrywritesI love my Instax Mini 8, it looks so rad in this flat lay and I forgot my name clip pfft!

The highlight of that week was obviously May 8 because we celebrated my 4th year of motherhood. This Mother’s Day was pretty special because I get to spend it for the first time with Riley–our second baby–and it’s the first time that Franz greeted me countless times. I cannot wait for more mum’s day with my family!

Now for last week, week 19, I used a doily that I bought online and used it to decorate red’s spread. It was so beautiful! Though I am still perfecting on how to use it in different ways, I think what I did was pretty good for now.

filofax_metropol_red_week_19_penny_black_ferrywritesOh wow! Can y`all see the doily? I think my picture was too bright. EPIC FAILED! 😡

It was my first time to color a stamp too, poor penny black girl, you were my guinea pig lol! Well, I’m preparing for my Love Cynthia stamps, so a need a sacrifice haha!

As for my Happy Planner, I used Lemon Paper Co.’s Good Vibes Kit, this time, the size is meant for my Happy Planner.

the_happy_planner_week_19_peny_black_ferrywritesLoving that one sticker that says “Don’t worry be-yonce”

The highlight of my week was yesterday, Sunday, where me and Sam (Hi darl!) went to our first calligraphy workshop by La Bella Scriptura, don’t worry I’ll blog about it, it was a happy moment for me.

Okay that was my spread for the past two weeks, I would love to chat, write and bond with you more but I just found out that my post yesterday over Instagram about the workshop is gone. I swear I did not delete it and I didn’t get any notification if it was reported or what. It’s frustrating but I am trying to calm myself, trust me. Let me “investigate” this today so I can sleep soundly tonight and I will update you on this too. Ciao Bellas!





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