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May Fab Finds: Papermela (previouly Bella Storia MNL)

I have this habit of scouting for cute stuff everywhere, may it be in the mall, bookstore, even online. Anything that will catch my interest, I go for it; and I do this every month.

For this month of May, I have stumbled upon another adorable shop on Etsy, it’s Papermela (previously Bella Storia MNL), a  planner related shop that is why I am excited to blog about it. Planner related in a sense that it sells stickers, paper clips, washi tapes just to name a few.

What caught my attention was her color selection, I cannot say that it’s pastel colors (which I love) but somehow the combination is so darn perfect! The three items that make me giggly with excitement are the Bohemian Theme, Spring Theme and Mint and Floral theme. Especially the Mint and Floral theme, though I am not a floral kind of person, this particular one is right up in my alley. It reminds me of the only floral design that I like–Cath Kidston.

Bohemian_theme_2_bella_storia_mnl_ferrywritesBohemian Theme

spring_theme_1_bella_storia_mnl_ferrywritesSpring Theme

Mint_and_floral_theme_bella_storia_mnl_ferrywritesMint and Floral theme. SEE?!! Isn’t it lovely? 🙂

You can get these stickers under the category Planner Essentials, but if you want to get the full week you should click Planner Kit Bundle. However, I didn’t see any bundle for the bohemian theme, just a heads up. If you’re not into colors like this, she also has dark floral and gold and black ones. How awesome is that?!

She also has these Kawaii Emojis stickers, from a donut, to a pizza, to a shopping bag. She even has these “unique” emoji stickers for tuition fee, rent payment, car bills, even water bills! Haha! How adorable! I haven’t seen any Etsy sticker shop with these items.

donut_kawaii_set_bella_storia_mnl_ferrywritesLook at this donut, it’s screaming with cuteness!!

tuition_fee_kawaii_set_bella_storia_mnl_ferrywritesSuch a bright idea to have a tuition fee sticker.

water_bill_kawaii_set_bella_storia_mnl_ferrywritesThis sticker makes me wanna “oh! It’s time to pay the water bill, let me use my sticker for that!” hahaha!

Now that you have seen a glimpse of what Papermela has to offer, you should follow her on her social media accounts, Facebook, and Instagram.

So dolls, don’t miss out and be up to date with Papermela, I’d be leaving you with her tagline coz it’s so fleek, it goes “Everyone has a story. Let’s make it beautiful.” 🙂 Happy Weekend from my part of the world loves! *virtual hugs*




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