Mando’s Wing Shack

The other night my husband had this idea of going on a food trip since we don’t have a dinner yet. We went to this new food place which is just a stone throw away from our house. Surprisingly the place is located in the beautiful house that I’ve been eying since I was in high school (or college? I forgot sorry doll).

The place is called Mando’s Wing Shack, they have this small intimate menu that can satisfy your cravings. This newly open place is located at Antipolo St. in Makati City, it’s very near Makati City Hall. Here’s the map that I got from Google, I added the Jollibee landmark by-the-way.

mando's_wing_shack_map_ferrywritesHere’s the map., here’s the map! *queue in Dora the explorer rhythm* The star legend is Mando’s.

Okay for the direction, if you are coming from Taft or Manila area, you need to ride the jeep that says Guadalupe Ilalim or Ibabaw, any of the two will do. Both will pass by in front of Mando’s.

Once you see Manila South Cemetery and St. Andrew’s Church, you are near, and when you see Petron on your left side, BDO on your right, Chowking (across Petron) and Jollibee (across BDO), you are almost there, get ready. You won’t get lost I swear, like I said, you will pass by in front of the place. You will instantly see their gate.

Mando's_wing_shack_ferrywritesThe place is located on the right side.

Mando's_wing_shack_entrance_ferrywritesJust be alert, especially if you are riding a fast jeep that mimics a car from the movie Fast and the Furious -_-.

If you are coming from Guadalupe or Edsa and commuting via Jeep, you need to ride Taft, Pedro Gil, Bukid, Sta. Ana, Delpan any of those will do. You need to get off once you see the four landmarks: BDO, Petron, Jollibee and Chowking. Ride a jeep again that says Guadalupe Ilalim / Ibabaw and get off in front of Mando’s or you can walk if you’re want to, it’s not that far.

The place is small, it’s an extension of the house but it’s a good place to have beer and wings. They don’t have a couch and wifi (yet), two seats on their balcony area and six tables inside (and yes they have AC). Don’t worry each table can hold four people, pretty good if you asked me.

Mando's_wing_shack_balcony_ferrywritesBalcony seat


Mando's_wing_shack_antipolo_street_makati_ferrywritesI think that’s Mando, I don’t know just a theory LOL!!!!

They only have a few items on their menu, which I think is a good idea for a starting business, focus on your best sellers first then add more later. House specialty is their Mando’s Burger and (of course) Wings, they also have limited numbers of beverage but their house blend Iced Tea is good.

Mando's_wing_shack_menu_ferrywritesRefer to the following images for a closer look fo the menu.





We had the Shoryuken and Cheesesteak taco, The Mando Burger, Half Beer BBQ Wings, Iced Tea and Banana S’mores Split for dessert, that’s just for dining in *insert awkward smile here*. For to go we ordered two Shoryuken tacos, Nachos, Sweeracha and Beer and BBQ wings.

Mando's_wing_shack_house_iced_tea_ferrywritesHouse Blend Iced Tea

Mando's_wing_shack_cheesesteak_taco_ferrywritesCheesesteak taco

Mando's_wing_shack_shoryuken_ferrywritesShoryuken taco is divine! I promise this is so good.

Mando's_wing_shack_wings_and_tacos_ferrywritesTacos and Wings

Mando's_wing_shack_the_mando_burger_ferrywritesThe Mando Burger that could use a bit more fries.

Mando's_wing_shack_Banana_S'mores_split_ferrywritesBanana S’more Split

The food is great for a starting food place, but I got disappointed with their Banana S’more Split. In my opinion, there’s nothing s’mores about it, just because you have (three pieces) marshmallows, a tiny bit of (crushed) Grahams and a chocolate (theirs is in syrup) means it can be a s’mores. I think they can do better than this. If you are going to eat this with eyes closed, it’s more of a creme brulee than a s’mores.

On a brighter note, I think the ice cream used is homemade 🙂 if it’s homemade, well-done! Just a few more freezing and mixing so that the consistency will be creamy and it’s perfecto!. The Mando Burger didn’t leave us in awe too *sad* the bread used is too soft and somehow flaky, the burger patty is okay, could use a bit more salt, just a tad bit.

But hold your horses, the taco, oh my, the homemade tortilla is good. I like that it’s between soft and hard. Soft enough to fold it but not hard enough to the point that it will break. You can easily see and taste that it’s homemade and that they have their own recipe for it.

I highly recommend the Shoryuken, it’s sweet, spicy a bit tangy and super delish. For the cheese lovers, yeah go with the cheesesteak. Their Beer and BBQ wing and Sweeracha wings are superb and it goes well with aioli sauce.

For the brutal part. I am dissatisfied with their take-out service, when we got home we found out that they forgot to include the nacho hence my husband had to go back there to get it and they also forgot to put the dip for our wings (we didn’t bother to go back this time).

But with all this disenchanted event will I still go back to Mando’s Wing Shack? YES. I need to taste everything on their menu (haha!) I know the majority of it is good. I’m satisfied with the price, we were billed Php1,500+ ($32+) for 10 items, dine-in and take-out, how affordable right? And the service is okay, it needs improvement but that’s the easy part I reckon. After all, they are just starting 🙂

Mando's_wing_shack_time_ferrywritesIf you are interested to visit them, here’s their hours.

I’ll see you again Mando’s, I shall return and when I do, I hope your take-out service will be smooth this time 🙂




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