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Papelito’s sticker collection.

Hello, loves! Sorry for missing in action for a week or so, I had to do some “adulting” and I cannot escape it *sigh* anyway, I have a good news, Papelito finally joined the bandwagon! I am so glad when Meeya told me that they will launch their very first sticker collection, I mean they have stickers in their shop but it’s the first for the planner line up.

Since this is the first, they only have five designs as of now, but fret not dolls because I know the collection will grow, I can feel it. For now, let us indulge to the magnificent five *hurrah!*


A mellow approach is a good choice for a soft launch, it instantly got my attention because I love pastel colors. However, I think it would be nicer if the boxes on floral sticker set could be a tad bit’ll see why when I post my spread using it.

Papelito_sticker_Camera_1_ferrywrites Here’s the Camera 1 sticker. Loving how they created this girl, It reminds me of those girls character I see on a stationery when I was younger. Oh, the feels!!!!

Papelito_sticker_Happy_Birthday_1_ferrywrites A burst of “loud” colors in the subtle collection.

Papelito_sticker_reinforcement_1_ferrywrites No, calm yourself it’s not a donut lol. For the newbies, you stick this on top of the hole on your spread, you know where you insert the ring. Because the objective is to protect it from ripping when you flip it.

Papelito_sticker_hexa_1_ferrywrites I had to take a close up of this one because the color is too soft hence the details are not showing much on a wide-angle.

Papelito_sticker_floral_1_ferrywrites Definitely my favorite among the collection!

Papelito_sticker_close_up_floral_1_ferrywrites And it deserves a close up too!

So okay, this first collection is more of embellishment for your spread, it’s not like those full kit stickers that I’ve featured here. Here’s my observation:

  1. The texture is oh so nice aside from its glossy,they used a good quality photo paper.
  2. It dries up fast leaving my fingers clean as I write (lefty problems).
  3. Be careful on sticking washi tape or any adhesive on the sticker because the design or color will fade. Maybe because it’s printed on photo paper? and
  4. I love, love, love the designs. If you are a pastel lover like me, you will definitely love this one.

That’s it! 🙂 Oh wait! Remember above there I told you that the boxes might need a tad bit more color? It’s because of this…

kikki_spread_ferrywrites You almost cannot see the details or the box itself when you take a picture. I mean, obviously, I like my photos bright, taken from the outside and all. But if you are going to take a picture of this indoors, you’ll be able to recognize it. Apart from that, I have no problems with the stickers.

As a matter of fact, I am in awe that Papelito has taken their shop to another level. Is it a quantum leap? not yet. Maybe be if they are going to release a full sticker kit, then it’s a yes *cough! that’s a clue Meeya! cough!*

If you want to get your hands on these lovely stickers you can contact them through their Facebook and Instagram. But you have to promise me one thing…you need to be patient! Not bragging but Papelito is making its way up, celebrity here order from them so they have a lead time, LET’S JUST PRAY THAT THE LEAD TIME DOESN’T APPLY TO THIS ONE!!! haha! I’ll see you dolls around and you have a good week ahead, ciao bellas!





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