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My planner routine

I am so honored whenever someone message me on my Instagram asking for tips and tricks and how do I do my daily planning. I never imagine that in a matter of just how many months, I would get queries like this because I never consider myself a “pro” when it comes to this community.

Anyway, I am still grateful that some people find my work beautiful, it fuels me more to excel in what I love to do. Going back, I would love to share my planner routine. Yes, it does exist, guys, crafting and having a planner is never easy. It drives me insane whenever I have a undecorated spread or missed week on my planner, so I came up with my five routines and here they are:

  1. DECORATE ON YOUR FREE TIME. My free time is when my babies are sleeping and every Sunday when my husband is here to look after the kids. It’s been our routine that whenever it’s his day-off, it’s his time to spend time with the bubs and then I can do my planning. While during weekdays I plan at night, when they are all sleeping, even though I am tired. I have to. My planners are calling me. They need me, lol! mombie_ferrywrites I’m sorry but this is funny and true!!I grabbed this from my facebook, it was posted by one of my mom friends and I total can relate. I am a mombie since 2011!!
  2. PLAN / UPDATE PLANNERS BEFORE YOU SLEEP. This works for me, I’m a kind of planner girl that doesn’t put much on my spread instantly. I mean I dont put ‘happy day’ sticker or stamp on specific day of the week or ‘it’s an awesome day’ whatever because it always, always happens that whenever I put things like that before the day comes, it doesn’t turn that way. Is it a jinx? I don’t know. So I ended up updating my planners before I sleep, while the memory is still fresh on my mind.
  3. USE STICKY NOTES. If you cannot avoid to have a busy day, week or you’re just super tired, use a sticky note. Jot down a quick, bulleted reminder of how your day went. So that you won’t be off track as to what happened on that day. You can even use this trick on scheduled far events.

    sticky_notes_planning_ferrywrites Here’s an example of using the sticky notes on a far event.

     sticky_notes_update_ferrywrites And using it to remind you as to what happened to your day.

  4. USE A THEME. When in doubt on how your spread will look like, use a theme. I already did a color theme on my Happy Planner and it’s fool proof. I did pink, black and white, mint, even orange. Now I am trying to explore, I have a beach theme, which I will post on my Instagram account next week (yes I have my next week spread decorated already woo hoo!) then will definitely do a Harry Potter theme once I gather some materials on the net. And lastly,
  5. TAKE ADVANTAGE. Yup! This is legal, I swear. Get free printables on the internet for your planner. Pinterest for exmaple has so many printables, you just have to key in the word in the search box and viola! Instant stickers, planner inserts, tabs, dashboard etc. If you don’t know where to start you can follow me on Pinterest or see my planner board for ideas.

I think that covers it all for me. I also think that the main key to having an organized planner is to have an alotted time for it. All of us have different ways on how to cope up with stress and in our communnity, I know you will all agree when I say, crafting and planning is such a stress reliever. *wink*

If you have other tips or routine of yours, please please comment them away below so we can exchange ideas. I’d love to hear them! Have fun dolls!





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