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Mommy Lhey Designs Ink Pads Review

Have you heard of the word planner peace? if not and for those of you who are not into “our stuff”, planner peace means finding the right planner for you, finding “the one” (ha! you thought ‘the one’ only exist in our love life? na-uh!), that even if a new planner comes out, you won’t be buying that because you stick to your planner peace through thick and thin.

So if such thing, jargon or feeling exists, I hereby say that I have found my “ink peace”! I am talking about Mommy Lhey Designs Pigment Ink Pads, the newest craze in planner town. These babies arrived yesterday and you don’t have any idea how happy I was. Among the five happy mail that came, this definitely made my day.

And what a wonderful way to start using the inks is by reviewing it and sharing swatches with you dolls, right? Mommy Lhey released four sets of ink pads, Cotton Candy, Coastal Breeze, Jelly Bean and Serenity sets and cost $9.99 per set (Php 463.00 shipping not included).

I got mine pre-ordered, coz that’s how we do it here in the Philippines, I had to wait for a couple of weeks or so but it was definitely worth the wait and I got all four sets because there is no way I am going to miss out on this one. The ink is (as describe in the box) pigment based, non-toxic and embossable (hurrah!!). On their website, it says that the ink is quick drying (check on that) and no bleed though in most papers (one big red check to this! so true!!).

Now on with the fun part, swatches! I will no longer make a long introduction coz I am so excited to share this with you loves. First up is the..

mommy_lhey_serenity_inks_ferrywrites Serenity Set

I don’t know why the beach bum inked like that, maybe because of the paper that I used (?). By-the-way I used my regular insert paper, a not-so-smooth one and a tad bit thick to test if the ink will bleed through and if it’s going to blot or what. Amazingly it passed my test, making it my official ink peace.

mommy_lhey_jelly_bean_inks_ferrywrites Jelly Bean Set

My favorite set. Period. LOL. This screams happiness all over, soft colors and such an eye-candy!

mommy_lhey_cotton_candy_inks_ferrywrites Cotton Candy Set

I have to say that the color blush does leave the most ink on the stamp, had to wipe twice and the rest I just wiped them once.

mommy_lhey_coastal_breeze_inks_ferrywrites Coastal Breeze Set

Last but not the least is the coastal breeze, my second favorite among the sets. The color sky and sea breeze are so beautiful!

Okay now that I have shown you the swatches, here are the reasons why I am in love with this ink:

  • It doesn’t bleed through, I’ve tried it on a thin paper and still no bleeding.
  • The colors are very gorgeous.
  • Affordable for a big ink like this.
  • Dries up fast. and above all..
  • In my observation, it’s like a crossbreed of memento ink and dew drop. WHY?

Here’s why, memento ink is super easy to clean on your stamps, like one wipe and woosh! Your stamp is clean and clear, but it bleeds through. While dew drop doesn’t bleed, it’s so hard to clean on your stamp, I’ve tried using both cheap and expensive wipes but still I have to wipe it a couple of times.

Mommy Lhey’s ink (again) has no bleeding, easy to clean (mind you, I only use cheap wipes to test it) and doesn’t leave residue on your stamp. win-win!!!

mommy_lhey_focus_stamp_ferrywrites I used the hearts icon, breathe and plan it stamps and it still looks brand new 🙂

I adjust the brightness of each photos for the swatches but if you want to see a no filter picture of the stamps for me to convince you to go get yours, here it is


See? lively colors even in low lighting. I suggest that you give this ink a chance, especially if you are an ink and stamp addict like me. This will satisfy your stamping mojo. You can order this from their website and if you are from the Philippines and want one, you can leave me a comment below and I will direct you to the right person.

Happy stamping planner girls!




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