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The Sunny Side Cafe Boracay

Last month we had our family vacation in Boracay and it’s our first time to dine at The Sunny Side Cafe. It was recommended by my good friend Nins (Hi Mommy Nins!) because she fell in love with their ginormous pancake.

And knowing that I am a breakfast kind of person, there is no way that I will pass this opportunity. The cafe is located at the beachfront of Station 3 beside Boracay Sands Hotel. The place is super cozy and inviting, they have an open kitchen policy and the interior is great; a combination of yellow and gray colored chairs will instantly greet you.

The staff is friendly and accommodating, if you cannot choose from the menu, they will suggest their specials. We ate there three times, please don’t judge lol! Simply because I wanted to know what’s super good and what’s not to order the next time we visit.

Their menu is pretty big, they have lots of food and drinks to choose from, and what I like about it, is that the food there is not common. Here, take a look at their menu, starting with their beverage…


The_sunny_side_cafe_menu_2_ferrywrites The_sunny_side_cafe_menu_3_ferrywrites I ordered the It’s not you, It’s me and it taste so good!!

The_sunny_side_cafe_menu_4_ferrywrites The_sunny_side_cafe_menu_5_ferrywrites

Moving on to their other menu..coz they have two and you need to ask them or else they will just give you the main one, not the menu above..

The_sunny_side_cafe_menu_6_ferrywrites My Husband ordered the Chorizo and Eggs and it is heavenly!!!

The_sunny_side_cafe_menu_7_ferrywrites My sister had the Chori-Burger. Not a big fan. Feels like the chorizo patty in the Chorizo and Eggs was just put in a bun. I hope I am wrong.

The_sunny_side_cafe_menu_8_ferrywrites My daughter had the Carbonara with Sesame Egg (sorry I forgot to take a picture..she was hungry, she ate it right away) the egg is cold. and. gray-ish in color. hmm.

The_sunny_side_cafe_menu_9_ferrywrites We tried four pancakes, nutella, blueberries and cream, bacon and cheese pancakes and apple crunch. We had first the nutella, it was awesome, the top is smothered with hazelnut spread goodness, it kept my mind off the important thing. Then there’s the three disappointment pancake. Yup. Such a wrong move. Tell you more about it later.

The_sunny_side_cafe_menu_10_ferrywritesWe tried the Thick Toast and it’s definitely one of the reasons we should eat there again and I didn’t miss out ordering their Bread Basket either LOL! I love a good bread.

The_sunny_side_cafe_menu__11_ferrywrites Forgot what kind of omelette my sister had but it tasted good too.

Okay for the good part..the picture of the food that we had. Goodness this is hard, I’m craving for the Chorizo and Eggs *sigh*

This is the Thick Toast and Chori-Burger. Ain’t that toast looks heavenly? That tart jam is so good with the vanilla ice cream, sweet and tart and the bread is a tad bit flakey but it does compliment the dish. Then the burger, it’s definitely a home-made bun which I totally love. It has this shoe-string kind of fries on the side but between the two? I’d say the toast wins.

 Chorizo and Egg is L-O-V-E!!!! *weeping sound* that spiced chorizo patty will satisfy your hungry tummy I tell you. The rice is a bit sticky yet fluffy if that makes sense. And look at the gorgeous bread! Different kinds of bread in one basket is definitely the way to go, it is accompanied by a butter and two kind of jams.

 The Omelette, Mango Cream cake and It’s not you, It’s me (so refreshing!!!)

 The finale. Blueberries and Cream and Bacon and Cheese pancake. SUCH A DISAPPOINTMENT.

Let me be honest here, when we tasted the Nutella pancake, we had this huge smile on our faces because it was so good and it was smothered in Nutella goodness. The Nutella camouflage the flaws of the pancake. One, the pancake is not fluffy, yes it’s not. As a matter of fact its more like of a Bibingka texture, the pancake at Ihop and Pancake house is even better. It kinda tough too, like when I cut it I can definitely feel it.

Two, I am expecting that since they do not serve pancake syrup or maple or what, the blueberry pancake will have some actual blueberries inside, but it doesn’t have any. The blueberries in that blueberries and cream is just that blob of berry syrup on top. Can’t argue with the cream part, I reckon that’s really how it should be.

Three, the Bacon and Cheese pancake. What I love about this is that, it has bits of home-made bacon inside the pancake (I think that’s home-made coz the cut is thick and it doesn’t taste commercial, good one for this sunny side!) but the parmesan cheese part is a bit blah for me. ALTHOUGH, I commend them for using this kind of cheese, because normally some would go for a stringy cheese or something soft to compliment the texture of the bacon. It’s a good thing they put that Chantilly cream as it balances the dish, sweet and salty-salty, I’m down with that. But overall? No. It’s not that good because it’s dry. It didn’t gave me that burst of softness when it hit my palate. Bummer.

blueberries_and_cream_pancake_2_the_sunny_side_cafe_ferrywrites Close up of the blueberies and cream. See? It resembles Bibingka *crying sound*

Okay, overall will I still come back at The Sunny Side Cafe? YES. Good thing their Chorizo and Eggs, Bread Basket and the drinks saves our gastronomical adventure. Lessoned on some pancakes, but my friend told me the red velvet is truly amazing, might try that next time tee hee!




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