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Collection of spreads: Week 21 to 25

I am calling this ‘collection of spreads’ only because I want to get away with the fact that I haven’t shared any since week 20. I contemplated a lot whether to publish this or not because it is long overdue. Thank goodness I came to my sense that whether something is overdue or not, I shall share it with you dolls. After all, there’s no expiration when it comes to sharing or inspiring someone *wink*.

Here’s my spreads for my personal planner, which I rarely post a before the pen picture because I use this as my journal. Rarely you will see a focus photo of this coz I am a tad bit “shy” showing you guys how my day went.

Filofax_metropol_week_21_ferrywrites Red’s last summer hurrah. I’ll let it rest for a bit and indulge in my mint kikki.

kikki_k_week_22_ferrywrites First ever spread for Mint. I kept it clean and simple this time 🙂

kikki_k_week_23_ferrywritesI love this spread because I used doily. I have to say I am getting the hang of it when it comes to using doily as a decor.

Kikki_k_week_24_ferrywrites And last week’s spread was definitely fantastic! It started out with my dad’s birthday and ended on Father’s Day. I used Papelito’s sticker collection and recollection statement washi tapes.

Now, ready for the big guy? As for my Happy Planner..

The_Happy_Planner_week_21_ferrywrites I soooo love this spread!!! I squeezed so many creative juices for this one LOL! Loving how I used my Japanese stamp and Love Cynthia’s on the left side. Actually I love Love Cynthia’s stamp, it tells a story on its own.

The_Happy_Planner_week_22_ferrywrites Our family vacation week. Love hate moment here, coz I had to leave my planner babies at home while I am loving the quality time with my family.

The_Happy_Planner_week_23_ferrywrites My flamingo fling week using Lemon Paper Co’s new release. oh and can you see that ‘happy thoughts only please’ on the weekend part? I did that using my new nib hoho!

The_Happy_Planner_week_24_ferrywrites Gone back to my simple roots. I looked back on my previous HP spreads and saw how far I’ve come in terms of decorating my spreads. It made me miss how simple things was hence I made this week, simple. Loving the color mint too.

The_Happy_Planner_week_25_ferrywrites My current week. I LOVE IT!!!! I got this sticker kit from Paper Joy Ph (I will blog about them next week, kalmante lol). Coz I was missing the beach so much, I had to use this one. Ain’t it so gorgeous??? Look at those wave stickers, so kawaii!!!

I still got no picture of my Mint for this week, I normally post a picture of my personal planner after I completed a week, so be alert on that. For now let’s enjoy our weekend loves! I love you readers *hugs*!




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