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Sticker Solution

DISCLAIMER: This is a very short post and the pictures that you are about to see are…NOT PRETTY!!! I took the photo three in the morning yesterday, I do apologize lol.Ā 

Do you make your own stickers? I do, and often times I failed to have it in its right size. Like the other night, I’ve decided to print out stickers in the wee hours because I was making my spread for next week.

Turns out that it is such a bad idea because I realized that I can’t see properly when I am tired! Pfft! I still proceed because I was also excited to use my new printer, the result? My sizes were way out of control. Some are too skinny but not tall enough to fill my HP boxes and the rest are wide but stout. Major disaster.

But knowing that I don’t want to waste my effort, materials and time, I still used it and that is why this blog is being born. I will share with you a way to cover up your mistake when it comes to sticker decorating.

All you need is your “major disaster” stickers and washi tapes. If you don’t have a disastrous sticker, good job!!! Don’t worry you can still use this technique šŸ™‚ It’s very simple by-the-way, all you have to do is stick on your sticker on your Erin Condren or Happy Planner and put washi tape above or below it. Decorate it using your washi tape.

Here’s what I did…

Sticker_solution_ferrywritesĀ I placed the washi tape on top and below. I just ripped it to give it a “ragged” effect. And here’s the second one..

Sticker_solution_2_ferrywritesĀ I like this one better. My sticker turned out to look like small notes.

That’s it! The perfectly imperfect stickers for your planner. There’s no right or wrong when it comes to decorating, our imagination is our only limit. So if you have any ideas, tips or what, comment them below so together we can share ideas to our planner sisters (and brothers too?). Have a great week ahead loves!!




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