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Free Wo2P Vertical Insert for A5 / Large Planner.

Two weeks ago, my husband and I talked  about him purchasing a Happy Planner because he was fond of its layout. I searched the entire collection or the new releases for a not so girly design only to find out that don’t have any.

So when one of my planner friends put up a sale on her Kikki.k Kontrast I immediately bought it, the timing was so perfect!

And surprisingly yesterday, I made a Happy Planner layout inserts for my husband. Took me half a day because I get irritated whenever something is off by a millimeter or the punch is not perfect. O.C. much? probably.


Though it’s not the actual size of The Happy Planner boxes and Erin Condren, I think this will suffice if you are looking for a vertical layout, especially with a complete box for the weekend part. Cause I’ve seen lots of vertical layout with only one long or big box for the weekend and I don’t dig that.

Friday here in Manila and I thought that it would be a good ending to our week if I’d share with you the layout. One will be on a full-page just in case you will use a copy paper or an uncut bond paper; you don’t need to worry about the placement, what you will download is already fixed.  If you will be using a pre-cut insert you can download the JPEG format that is already sized down to an A5 or large size insert.

vertical_layout_ferrywritesManual cutting the inserts makes me realize that I will never cut straight!!

Alright before you proceed to download the file please remember that:



**The boxes are the same height with Happy Planner but the width is not.

For JPEG file, click the link below:



And here is the full-page version:



I tried to make it exactly the same with HP but I am having a hard time putting it on an A5 paper size. Also, I removed the dates and month so you can use this whenever you want.

You can definitely open this and add your dates and months in Adobe Photoshop. Before we officially go to our weekend, let me share with you loves how I did mine, well actually my husband’s, just to give you an idea


If you have any question or difficulty in printing you can comment below or message me. Happy weekend loves!





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