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Coloring stamped images

This is just a quick blog, I had this urge to share this with you loves, I have a confession to make and I am hoping I am not alone in this,  I do not color well using colored pencils. It such a bummer whenever I see those planner girls like Belle for example, who’s coloring technic is beyond superb!

It’s not like I do not know what’s the reason, I am heavy writer thus I color heavy too, it’s just that no matter how hard I practice, my images still has this solid color. So out of frustration, I used my inks. Yes, you read that right if you don’t have any copic makers or zig or colored pencil, you can use your inks.

It’s my first time to do this technic hence I didn’t have the chance to do that ombre or smudgy or whatever kind of shading I want. I opted to do a solid color but I loved how it turned out.

Here’s what you need and it’s a no brainier.

  1. Ink of your choice
  2. Water brush pen or a simple brush will do just have a water ready (like you’re painting a picture)
  3. Tissue or wet ones.
  4. Something to press your ink (optional).

Okay, right after you stamp your image, you dab a bit of ink in your acrylic block or a piece of plastic, something that will not absorb the ink basically. Then you just use your brush just like how you use a watercolor then color your image.

I didn’t dab my ink, I directly put my brush. If you are going to do this, JUST MAKE SURE you do not squeeze too much or put too much water or it might damage your ink. I was very careful, no inks were harmed during this process.


Easy breezy!!!! Don’t forget to clean your brush after. So there you go! To my fellow heavy “colorist” who gets irritated or frustrated whenever you see a darker stroke of color in your image whenever you’re coloring (speaking base on experience), this is a good way to regain that happy artist feeling. I’ll catch up with you next time, stay golden!




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