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Loving Love Cynthia Stencils

I cannot justify enough how I am loving Cynthia’s stencils right now, I have seen lots of stencils in the market–both physical and online–and nothing caught my liking. One of the reasons I love this stencil is its flexibility, it’s flexible yet sturdy. It’s made from Polypropylene (PP) plastic material, non-toxic by-the-way, making it safe to use when you are having coffee or tea or whatever because you can easily wipe off stains from it.

If I am not mistaken, this is the second time Cynthia released her stencil collection. First, there was only two and now you can choose from the personal / medium size, large / A5 and wait for it…HAPPY PLANNER size!!! I’ve never seen any stencil for HP that is why I was overjoyed when I saw it.

love_cynthia_happy-planner_stencil_ferrywrites$ 11.03 / € 10.00 / Php 533.80

love_cynthia_stencil_happy_planner_ferrywritesA thing of beauty

love_cynthia_stencil_flexible_ferrywritesTesting the flexibility.

Now for the personal size, my second favorite, consist of seven stencils. My second favorite because it has variety, from your main boxes to headers to random designs, absolutely amazing.

Each personal size stencil cost $ 7.17 / 6.50 € / Php 346.97 but there’s this bundles that will save you some moola! Bundle of six is $38.59 / 35.00 € / Php 1868.30 and when you purchase this you’ll have the seventh stencil for free then the bundle of four for $ 28.67 / 26.00 € / Php 1387.88.



love_cynthia_personal_stencil_free_ferrywritesFree when you buy the bundle of six.

Then the A5 or large stencil that comes in color mint, I am excited to use this because last month I finally had my very first large planner. I am hesitant at first but I was desperately looking for a mommy version of my unicorn medium size Kikki.K Cobalt Blue. Surprisingly I am head over heels with the large babe now. More space to write, more space for decorations.

love_cynthia_stencil_large_a5_ferrywrites$ 8.82 / 8.00 € / Php 427.04 each

Though the stencils comes in different sizes, it doesn’t mean you cannot use the personal size to your HP, no darling, it doesn’t work that way. You go ahead and use it to whatever notebook or planner you have, that’s the beauty of this stencil or any stencil in general.

This is created to squeeze out our creativity, to make our planning more pleasurable, for us to have fun. And you know what excites me the most about LC’s stencils? It’s a perfect match for her stamps! No really, it’s a match made in heaven! It makes her stamps stands out more.

Behold exhibit A…


I know, I know it doesn’t have that “wow” factor…YET! I’m still a novice to this stencil thingy but I am making progress, I promise.





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