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Vita Cubes: The candy that’s 2Good for you

Sorry loves for the sudden hiatus, the call of “adulting” is too strong! But I have something interesting to share, last Saturday I was lucky enough to be part of an event held in Active Fun at BGC for this new craze in town called Vita Cubes – a healthy candy.

At first, I was dumbfounded because how can a candy be healthy? Turns out that Vita Cubes is packed with vitamins and minerals that kids need as they grow and it comes in five different flavors — orange, mango, apple, grapes, and strawberry.

Alright, but first let me confess, this is my first time to attend a mommy blog event, I was hesitant because I am used to going to travel, food and a tad bit of beauty event in the past. I was skeptical because maybe I won’t fit in or I would be lost, but surprisingly I enjoyed the event and It was an amazing start for my new venture.



vita_cubes_active_fun_bgc_stub_ferrywritesWe were given this stub upon going in along with a two questionnaires.

Our day was not only filled with information about Vita Cubes, they made sure that we all had fun, after all, the majority had their babies with them. They made us–well the kids–do a cake decorating contest, a few mini-games, a magic act for the finale and they even invited Frances Sales owner of the mommy blog called Topaz Horizon for a small talk.

vita_cubes_active_fun_bgc_mini_games_ferrywritesKiddos having fun 🙂 awesome host by-the-way!

vita_cubes_active_fun_bgc_cake_decorating_ferrywritesThe cake used for the cake decorating contest. It was a yummy cake, a bit dry but the royal icing filling made it yummy!


vita_cubes_active_fun_bgc_candy_buffet_ferrywritesStraight to the point candy buffet. I went like a couple of times, or more, getting Vita Cubes because it’s that good!!!!

vita_cubes_active_fun_bgc_frances_sales_ferrywritesFrances Sales doing her talk after the mini-games. It was a breath of fresh air listening to her, knowing that she’s been blogging for 10 years and her giving out tips on how to grow as a mommy blogger. She also tackled why they love Vita Cubes and gave some information about it too.


vita_cubes_active_fun_bgc_magic_act_ferrywritesMagic show anyone? The kids loved this part of the event, they were all eyes and ears and feels like everyone wants to be the magician’s assistant.

Now for the highlight of the affair, Vita Cube, allow me to talk about this fantastic vitamin that comes in the form of a jelly candy and consist of the following:

Lysine – Essential for children’s growth energy production and calcium absorption. Zinc, Vitamin A, B,

Zinc – Helps children immune and digestive system to function well, gives energy metabolism and heals wounds faster. Vitamin A, B,

Vitamin A – Boost the body’s immunity in order to fight infections and makes your eyes and bones healthy.

Vitamin B – Increase in oxygen concentration mainly the brain to help them improve their concentration. Turns carbohydrates and fats into energy.

Vitamin C – Essential for forming and repairing red blood cells, bones and tissues. Helps the body absorb iron from food sources, established blood vessels so that your kid won’t easily bruise and above all it gives your child healthy gums.

Vitamin E – Making sure that the blood vessels are wide open for the blood to flow freely, helps body fight germs and helps the cells of our body work properly together so it can function well.

vita_cubes_ferrywritesFun fact: There’s no overdosed with Vita Cubes because it’s a water-soluble vitamin!

Another good thing about Vita Cube is the fact that you can get it from almost everywhere; widely available in your leading supermarkets, Mercury Drug outlets even in Mini Stop outlets! It’s that easy to get your hands in this babies. Not only it’s accessible, most importantly it’s affordable. A 50-gram pack cost only Php 12.00 and Php 1.00 a piece if you find it in your local convenient store.

How fascinating it is that finally, we have a candy that is equally delicious and healthy, that now where everything is fast-pace, we have a vitamin that can live up to that. Now it won’t be that much of a hassle for moms to make their kids take their vitamins, all thanks to Vita Cubes for camouflaging the nutrients the kids needs into a candy that we all love.





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