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DYL Planners 2017

Hi, loves! First, let me greet all of you a Happy new year! I know I’ve been MIA for like forever and I do apologize for that one, I guess I have to work out on my consistent blogging this year, and second, my 2017 is doing great so far, I won’t tell you all the details so you have to find that out on my next blog (I promise there will be). Okay starting off with some good news, I got picked for this year’s C & S Design DYL Expert Team! I was ecstatic about it!

So last month, just before new year, I finally received my three DYL 2017 planners and oh boy I was like a little girl so giddy and excited upon receiving them. For this year their planner line up is: Design Your Life, Back to basic and the Limitless planner.All three planners have different styles or “characteristic” (why do I sound like I am pertaining to a person?), comes in different sizes as well and the most important part, it’s function. So I am here to give you my insight regarding DYL Planners.


The first thing I noticed is the paper, the smooth feeling it gave me when I first touched it, it felt like SewMuchCrafting’s paper but not quite. When I first touched it, it felt thick enough to handle brush pen and inks, but when I started using my Back to basic, I was kind of balked to find out that it bleeds a lot.

I am a heavy writer, even on brush pens, and it’s a tad bit problem for me when the paper bleeds. On the contrary, one thing that I love about it, It doesn’t feather when I tried using my sumi ink *insert angelic sound here*.  So it’s not the end of my love for this planner after all.


Each planner is coiled, one rose gold that belongs to the smallest one–Design your own and black for the other two. As a left-handed person, this bothers me. I mean don’t get me wrong, it’s just that when I write especially on the right side and I cannot remove the paper, my handwriting act up, that’s also the reason why I don’t own an Erin Condren.

Coil binder, leftie, fat hands equals major distress. So how do I deal with this? I don’t. I just keep on using and writing, nothing can stop me from planning after all. Long before I applied for a slot in DYL Planner Expert, I already knew about their coil binders. I still applied because their planners are that good.


Superb. If there’s one word to describe their planner, that would be it. Okay listen up, don’t compare them to Erin Condren or Happy Planner or other international brands cause you might end up disappointing yourself.

We are talking about one of the best local planner brands in the Philippines, I say give C & S  a few more years and I bet you, they can live up to international planners. Their designs are fun and functional, just like me, I am fond of fun and functional when it comes to my craft stuff. It’s like having both worlds, you know.

Each planner design suits your needs, are you a working mom or SAHM? you’ll probably best of with the Back to basic. Are you a student or artistic kind of person? Design your life will be your favorite and lastly, you want creative freedom? Go for the Limitless, it’s undated and very minimalistic.

To sum it all up, all three are a 12-month planner with gold protective corners, thick matte finish cover and comes with a free sticker. it has monthly, weekly, expense tracker and travel checklist (awesome idea!) just to name a few. You won’t get bored with this planner, you have my word.


Affordable and value for the money. The Back to basic (the biggest) and Design your life (the smallest) cost Php 595 while the Limitless is much cheaper, Php 550. How awesome is that, right?!


An amazing planner for all types of person. If you are going to buy your this year’s planner (not yet too late loves) I highly recommend C & S Designs, a planner that doesn’t look like a magazine but definitely an eye-candy, will squeeze your creative juices (did I mention that their November page is called Design your own month? uh-huh you read that right! go loco with this one!) and lastly it is not a rip off.

I only have two recommendations, (1) change of paper, a paper that can hold a pentel fude touch would be great and (2) if they can find an alternative for a coil, great, if not no biggie after all not all leftie people have issues with coil LOL. Aside from that I do not see any more things to improve.

Alright, now that we talked about the fundamentals of C & S Design planner, it’s time to review each one of them…on my next blog! So you better be here again love, okay? Great! I’ll see you then. Ciao bella!



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