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Strike two!

Do you believe me when I say that, whatever you are dealing with right now is the result of your past actions? Well, believe me, it is. One of the things that I firmly believe is that whoever you are right now, whatever situation you’re in now, that’s not you now, that’s the result of your past action.

Now where I am I going with this? Well, last year, I applied for the first time in two creative team call, the first was with C & S Design DYL Expert and the other was Love Cynthia Creative Team. Guess what? I GOT BOTH!

I’ve never been so lucky in my life, I mean I don’t get to win raffles or get pick on the “auditions” that I love, but it’s different in the planner community. It unlocked four achievements in my list so far and I am gunning for more.

cns Photo from C & S Design website

This morning, the wee hours to be exact, here in Manila, Cynthia announced her first ever creative team, I am extremely overjoyed to finally see myself out there, being lined up with gorgeous and super talented ladies and being congratulated by people in the community.

Alongside with being overjoyed comes being pressured; I already know Belle Fenix, she’s from here and been following her on Instagram and talking to her from time to time, but the rest of the girls, wow, I was blown away. Belle was a pressure enough then I get to be with another three ladies, that’s amazingly nerve-racking.

But I have faith in Cynthia, she will never pick someone who she thinks is not suited for the job. Now all I need to do is not to over think (again) and enjoy my new journey. Well, this is all I can say, for now, I am still letting it all sink in, I am luxuriating in the moment, it’s an incredible moment for me.

ct Photo grabbed from Love Cynthia facebook group

Hey, you know what? I think it’ll be great if you can follow us on our instagram, me, the girls and Cynthia, plus join her facebook group for more updates and new friends and new happy vibes. See you there!




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