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I’ve been feeling a little bit confuse lately in regards to my planner(s). I don’t know if this is just a phase or what, the thing is, I am slowly (but surely) being enticed to Hobonichi’s and TN’s (Traveler’s Notebook). I used to overlook them whenever I see one but now, now is a different story.

I started journaling, planning and crafting at the tender age of seven, at that age, I am more inclined to journaling. I have this notebook where I wrote my daily musing, then comes my planner when I reached first-year high school. I stopped journaling when I reached eighteen and focus on my planners, mainly because I was a working student hence I don’t have enough time on my hands to write in it.

Now, I can feel that my body, my system is missing it terribly, my fingers itch so much to write my ramblings and document in full text of the countless and indelible moments of my life. I guess I can do that with my regular ring planners but knowing the OC in me, I have this “journaling pairs well with a notebook” feeling.

111ย One of my entry in my Hobonichi Weeks 2017

Let’s talk about Hobonichi, honestly, I do not understand it for a very long time. Long before I become part of the planner community–I call myself lurker coz I do not interact at all–I used to see pictures of Hobo on my Pinterest some on Google Images whenever I search a certain category, it was confusing, very much. I do not understand what’s the hype about it.

Then came January when I purchased my very first Hobonichi, it was Weeks, coz I was looking for a planner that can totally fit my Filofax Saffiano Zip. The paper is super, super thin–it’s made from Tomoe River Paper–that whenever I write in it, you can see the pressure of my writings up to the third page (yes I write that heavily). I got me a little bit averse coz there was a point where I wrote a whole paragraph only to find out that the paper got holes because of my handwriting. My mind went berserk!ย I did not use it for two weeks, I made my own TN / Hobonichi insert for my Saffiano using a regular paper.

Well, it’s different now, I’ve been utilizing it completely. Writing on it and having fun, and when I say fun, you can paint in it. YES, PAINT! it was a breath of fresh air for me and this is enough factor for me to stick to it.

Though my handwriting can still be seen up to three pages, I am slowly getting used to it. My only concern now is, what will I do with my ring planners? I definitely don’t want to sell it and I don’t want it to just sit around and get dusty. Well, it’s just March, hopefully before the month ends I already have a solution to this.

11Monthly view: March 2017




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