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Our Charity for 2017

I was raised by a man who would always tell me that, kindness is always the right thing to choose; if not telling it out loud, he makes sure he shows it to me through his actions. So when I started to earn my own money, I started a habit that I know will make him proud.

Don’t get me wrong when I labeled my doings ‘act of kindness’ it’s just one of my ways of categorizing stuff in my life, moving on, my first act of kindness was not too big, it was indeed so small that only a few people know it. It was Christmas day and there are carolers all over our place, but there’s this one girl who stood out, her name was Jennifer. A girl of my age but I am a bit taller, I’m obviously bigger in size than her.

She would sing out her song of Christmas carols in our street every night, and on the last night, since we built this small yet special bond of friendship, I didn’t give her money but my favorite book in exchange for her song.

It was the last time I saw her, though, I was thinking maybe because Christmas season was over, the next year came and there she was again. It was like seeing an old friend and this feeling of happiness came over me, priceless and something that I know I will treasure. That was the first of many. That feeling of happiness that I only get when I give something to someone never left and I am glad it didn’t.

So I continued my act of kindness, growing my network every year when I started working. I reached out to some people who’s asking for help and the rest is history. Now that I am married, have a small business, I–we make sure that the kindness continues.

For Ferrywrites first year, we have chosen World Vision Philippines, we sponsored, “adopted” a child to support his / her needs in terms of education. The letter containing a welcoming and picture of our sponsored child came in last two weeks ago, I think, and upon seeing the child, I cried (yes, yes, yes I am a cry baby). It was like as if, we really adopted in person.

I don’t know if I am allowed to mentioned her name or even gender hence the calling “the child” in the paragraph above. But that’s not important, what’s important now is that I am spreading the word about World Vision Philippines. Am I bragging? Definitely not, my intention of writing this is to encourage people to sponsor a child with very, very minimal amount.

Imagine, helping a child’s dream come true and being a vessel of kindness, to also, who knows, save his / her life. I was told not to write about this because this might be mistaken for boasting but I stand my ground if I keep that thinking and get my head boxed up to it, there’ll (might) be a one less child being sponsored.

With that being said, we’ve decided that part of our monthly sales, online and physical, will go to our sponsor child and if we still have extra don’t worry we plan to share it too from time to time. So from the bottom of our hearts here in Ferrywrites, to all those who bought and will buy..THANK YOU FOR CHOOSING US, THANK YOU FOR CHOOSING KINDNESS.








One thought on “Our Charity for 2017

  1. We love you, Kos! πŸ™‚ You were raised by a wonderful man. I always cherish how we both think that we don’t have to be filthy rich to extend a helping hand. That’s why you’re always blessed kasi you’ve always been a blessing to others.

    We’re thinking of going for World Vision, too, this year.


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