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UPDATE: I am still alive and (something’s) kicking.

I actually don’t know how to start this post, I mean I have lots of ideas before I log in to my WordPress and creating this one but the moment I am faced with an empty body of this post, NADA. All ideas seem to be like a coco crunch, it goes POOF! (It was a joke, oh, dear Lord I hope you get that corny one).

It seems that my writing mojo is hindered, I don’t know what’s causing it. I tried to figure it out, pressure from other blogs, busy mom life, too tired, too lazy to upload pictures to use for writing or worst, lack of creativity perhaps and did I mentioned MOM LIFE?



So, how are you? 

Lost. I feel lost. I don’t even post much on my Instagram like I did before. This laziness seems to be staying for a tad bit long and I cannot wait for it to go away. Lately, I feel that it’s too much work for me to set up things outside for my weekly photo shoot, wait for a specific time so the sun shines brighter hence giving me a good lighting on my photos, things like that. 

Not to mention that I live in a compound and our house is located at the far end of it meaning the sun light is being blocked by the houses in front. Am I just making excuses? No. It was just too much for me and my condition right now. 

My planners are somewhat depressing to look at because there are weeks that have no life, no fill in it, I seem to have abandoned my Happy Planner and Hobonichi A6. I am a terrible planner girl!!! 



What’s your plan now?

Get back on track, gradually. I am in no rush. Ferrywrites’ doing great both online and on our partner merchants (I partnered to a new one by the way), I need to focus on rebuilding my network again and regain my confidence. 

Lately, I realized that I should not focus on my lost followers on Instagram, don’t sell myself short, take it easy because after all, I am a mom and my family comes first and above all, I should focus on being productive. I need to find a solution to my every whining. 

I also plan to change the niche of my blog, like adding one or two more into it. I miss writing about random stuff, my previous blog that I had way back in 2010 was my virtual diary, my adventures, and opinions. I don’t want to incorporate that kind of writing into this one but maybe a tad bit similar to that with a “professional” reading feels in it. 

Something’s kicking.

So, when I say that I was being lazy nowadays, it’s because I have a bun in the oven! Yup!! This is our third child and I will be revealing the gender in my next post (yes, there will be one loves pinky promise). We found out that I was pregnant last week of May and we cannot be more shocked and excited. 

I am due on January 2018 and we’ve decided that this will be our last baby, because, in a society where everything is so expensive, even a cardstock is so damn expensive here! we would like to attend to our children’s need equally hence having three kids only. I think we are better off that way. I just can’t wait for this hormone to tone down and get my game back on. 





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