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Lamy Safari 2016 Dark Lilac Fountain Pen in Extra Fine

I have seven fountain pens in my collection as of now but my Pilot Prera is my favorite pen. It’s the closest thing I found to replace Pilot G-tech .04 which has been my go-to pen since I was in high school.

The nib is pointy making it hard for me to write fast in my Hobonichi Weeks; why? I can rip the paper sometimes because I write heavily.

Until I saw the Lamy Safari Dark Lilac. My heart skips a beat. The color was stunning, I love any shades of purple and I know that Lamy writes smoothly because my friend lets me tried to use her rose gold Lamy before.

It was a “quest” looking for this limited edition, I didn’t bother to buy it last year thus making it hard for me to look for it now. It took more than six months and finally, yesterday, I have my Dark Lilac making my collection to the count of eight. The fantastic part? It’s in Extra Fine!

So, I made a comparison on how it writes and all with my Prera. Turns out that even if the Lamy that I have is in EF, Prera still writes thin.

I am not disappointed at all because even if Lamy writes a tad bit thicker, it writes smooth and I can write fast with it. Different pen, different quality.

Now the thing I have to do is to destash my three other pens, It saddens me to see that I do not use my things much. They write well but I guess, for now, I’ll be sticking to these two. Don’t ask about the other three, I cannot let them go lol, both are gifts and the other is Ahab, perfect for my apache sunset.😉




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