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Weekend vibes: REGRET

There will be no picture, no GIF’s, no nothing to entertain you. It will just be pure writing and pure regret. I am in a situation where disciplinary action and guilt collides most of the time, you see I–We are raising two kids as of now, two beautiful, an intelligent and loving daughter, and when it comes to raising my kids, I only want the best for them.

I have to admit that I am a perfectionist when it comes to my babies, It’s not good but I only want the best for them, ain’t it what we parents want the most? And the biggest wrong move I have ever made is allowing my eldest to own an Ipad as early as three years old.

We had that feeling of pity that if she doesn’t get a gadget she’ll be left out and it hurts us seeing her looking curiously at other kids playing their gadgets. But what I didn’t foresee was the hurt it will bring her and me in the long run.

You see, yes she is smart, top three in her class and all but whenever she’s home or when we are at the mall and I don’t allow her to use her Ipad, either her mind wanders, she has a world fo her own, worst spaced out. The most annoying of all is she keeps on uttering “nanay, many sleep before I can have Ipad?” or “nanay, no Ipad yet?”. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

It’s been a constant battle between having her attention and training her to focus on the important things than playing and watching Youtube on her gadget. I feel the worst mother in the world whenever I discipline her, sure she has other toys, we buy her new toys but it will only last for a couple of days, either she breaks it or it no longer interests her.

I already lost count on how many times I cried knowing that she is slowly becoming addicted to it. The impact of this situation is too much, growing up, I envision of having kids that would play with toys, not screen, hone their imaginations through the “natural process” of life not via applications.

Now, I tell myself, if only I brushed off that pity and stand my ground on her not having a gadget, we won’t be in this situation. If only I stayed strong and focused more, I won’t be seeing her teary eyes and sad face whenever I say she’s not allowed to hold it. It cuts me like a knife.

My advice is this, to all parents and parents-to-be, I do not mean to interfere with your parenting style but if there’s a chance to get them away from this, get them out or don’t allow them just because it’s in demand and everyone is doing it, has it. Our kids are better with toys, that’s the cycle of life, them playing outside, having kiddie toys and such.

Because when they reach a certain age, it will come naturally, they will choose to have gadgets and when that time comes, they will know what to prioritize and when to stop. Do not let technology steal your child’s mind, most importantly be firm with your decision. Like what a dad said in some Facebook video that I watched before, they are kids, they are meant to listen and they will listen.






4 thoughts on “Weekend vibes: REGRET

  1. Aww I’m so sorry you have to feel that way when you need to discipline your kid! You know it’s for the best, but you really can’t help being swayed by her emotions. It’s understandable for a mom to feel bad when that happens 😦 especially when you know you want your kid to be happy, but you also want her to have self-control.

    I do hope she finds other interests and manages to get off the iPad soon. At least you caught the habit before it’s too late 🙂

    My partner and I don’t have a kid yet, but we’ve discussed the subject of technology and we both agree that we won’t be giving our kid his or her own iPad until he/she is in high school. When he/she reaches elementary school he/she can have a phone but it will be a bar phone. I can foresee our greatest challenge coming when he/she starts to make friends who own iPads. We’re thinking maybe we can use a “family iPad” for games and bonding, but we’ll make sure that the kid won’t monopolize it.


    1. Hi there!

      So sorry it took me so long to respond, 36 weeks pregnant now and it’s getting harder to do stuff, even sitting for too long!

      Thanks for the comment, it gives me a breath of fresh air knowing I am not doing such a bad thing for my kid. Hey! Happy holidays to you and your partner 😉

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