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Dear Husbands of a SAHM, we appreciate you.

To every husband who helps their spouse clean up the house, wash the dishes on a work night, do the laundry on their day off, we appreciate you.

To the husband who comes home from work tired from the hustle and bustle of the city traffic and yet still has the initiative to help us in looking after the kids so we can rest for a bit, we are glad you’re here.

To the husbands who hurry home every single day because he is so eager to spend the rest of their day cuddling with their wives and playing with their kids, you are doing great!

To the husbands who constantly communicate with their wives even if you are at work, checking up on her, making sure she and the kids are safe, has eaten their daily meal or just randomly chat with her because you care, we love what you do.

To the husbands who exchange their weekend off for laundry day, sends their wives to their well deserve me-time because you know how exhausting life can be when you are in the house 24/7, we thank God for your care.

To the husbands who never give up pushing their wives to see that they are still beautiful regardless of their messy mum bun, no makeup aura and PJ’s all day get up, thank you for making us feel so loved.

To the husbands who come home from a messy house because their wives were not able to clean because she had a rough day, we’re sorry. We tried but someday nine to five is not enough to make the house tidy before you get home.

To the husbands who keep their cool whenever we are ranting about how the kids fight over toys, how guilt eats us up because we know that we do not contribute to the house financially or life in general, we are blessed to have you. To have someone who constantly listens to every word, nonsensical or not that we utter, every.single.day.

And lastly, to ALL husbands of SAHM who sees our worth even if we are just home, no money to give, being clingy to you because we are struggling to have new friends, and for not pressuring us to go back to work. We love you dearly. No amount of money can repay the effort, understanding, and love that you are giving us. Thank you.







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